Our experts

As a Women on Wings volunteer expert your time and business knowledge matter to women in rural India. Experts offer business consultancy to contribute to the growth of Indian social enterprises and state government institutions so they may generate jobs for women in rural India affected by poverty. With an income a woman gains agency and the power to move her family to a brighter future.

Eight reasons to volunteer

Among these eight reasons people volunteer with Women on Wings, you will find that co-creating plans with passionate and inspiring social entrepreneurs who work to improve their communities, will most likely make you look differently at your own work and life.

Every plan or action is co-created by you, the business partner and its team in on-site workshops and online sessions. At the end of the day, the business partner has final responsibility for any plan or action co-created.

Professional expertise from a variety of fields

Our volunteers (the individuals below) are consummate professionals with 10-15 years of work experience in a wide range of expertise, e.g. marketing, finance, product development, production, HR, social media, retail and supply chain management.

Aad van Vliet

Adrianne Jonquière-Breure

Anita de Hart

Anita Joosten

Anke Rotink

Antoine Miltenburg

Claudia Busch

Cornelie Guise

Danielle Pels-Buter

Daphne Pit

Dimple Sahni

Dorien van Doorn

Edwin van den Brand

Elisabeth Werter

Ellen Oord

Ellen Simons

Ellen van Wezel

Elvia van den Berg

Esther Goethart

Florentine Steenberghe

Francine Nielander - Women on Wings volunteer expert

Francine Nielander

Germaine van Teeffelen

Gwen Windhorst

Hans Vermeulen, expert Women on Wings

Hans Vermeulen

Helene van Zutphen

Henk Seelt

Herma Volwater

Hilke Tol

Irene Koel

Jacqueline Kuiper

Women on Wings volunteer Janine Naaktgeboren

Janine Naaktgeboren

Joan den Exter

Johan de Visser

Joke Hartlief

Joost Theunis

Joost Vrancken Peeters

Judith Heijnen

Judith van Riet

Karen de Loos

Liesbeth Rutgers

Malcolm Smith

Marc Oosterhout

Marco Jorritsma

Margo Zuurveld-van Oosterom

Maria van der Heijden

Marianne Checkley-de Munck

Marie-Gon Vos

Marieke van Ipenburg

Marischka Leenaers, expert Women on Wings

Marischka Leenaers

Marja Versleijen

Marlies van der Meulen-Sahni

Matthijs Rosman

Minou Hoekstra-Janus

Namratha Rao

Nicky Hoenderboom

Nicole Doornbos

Women on Wings expert Nicole Sies

Nicole Sies

Nicolette Biessels

Patrick van Son

Paul van Hek

Remke Vet

Rosalie van Ruler Thaker

Sandra Blok

Sandra Lansbergen

Sascha Leuftink

Sofie Visscher-Litjens

Steven Duinhouwer

Women on Wings expert Tom Borghols

Tom Borghols

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