Joost Vrancken Peeters

Expert since March 2022
Expertise: international corporate law, Asia – Europe specialist

“With two daughters of my own, I all too well realize how important it is to create opportunities for women. In many ways women are our stronger better halves, but sometimes need a hand. I am more than honored to be able to share my knowledge in doing business to give this helping hand.

With my team of (all female) Asia specialists (some fluent in Chinese) we at La Gro Geelkerken Lawyers provide legal and business advice to European companies that want to do business in Asia and Asian companies that want to do business in Europe. We answer all of your questions and offer more than legal advice. After all, we also once started in Asia and Europe. We will work with you to determine, structure and refine your strategy. Why do you want to do business in a specific region? Are you going to establish a branch there or are you working with a local entrepreneur? How should intellectual property be protected? Which contracts do you need and which laws and regulations do you have to take into account?

Create more business opportunities and win-win situations by using our international network. We aim for a long-term partnership. You have direct contact with our specialists. If necessary, we can combine our knowledge and experience by working together in multidisciplinary teams with other specialists inside and outside our office.”