Joan den Exter

Expert at Women on Wings since October 2016
Expertise: entrepreneur, fashion and apparel specialist

“I was already engaged to issues like sustainability, changing the fashion industry and sharing knowledge, when I came to know about Women on Wings. That was exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it!
A practical way of sharing knowledge so that women get the opportunity they deserve. Often they make wonderful products and they have skills that we do not have anymore. I find that very inspiring!
I myself was raised as an autonomous and independent woman who got the same opportunities as my two brothers, but I realize that this is not evident everywhere. It’s nice to be able to make a small contribution to empowering rural women through Women on Wings. Many years ago I visited India. The colors of India are breathtaking, both of the dresses of Indian women and of the landscapes. I look forward visiting India again and working with new people. Learning from each other and working together for a great cause.”