Joost Theunis

Expert for Women on Wings since February 2016

“Supporting the mission of Women on Wings gives me the opportunity to finally give meaning to a long dormant and nagging need from the heart.

The saying; “Every man is the architect of his own future”, needs a small addition to my believe.
It’s to a certain extend true, but you need a fair start in life. I strongly believe in sharing as it is one of the most powerful capabilities of mankind. To enable real sharing, trust and respect have to be the foundation. Sharing increases the level of understanding, respecting and valuing the other view. Sharing is joining forces, it is not a one-direction action. It creates possibilities for both sides and leads many times to new ideas and the opportunity to step to the next level for someone. How little the step may be, it’s always meaningful.

I refuse to believe that mankind is not capable to create a better balanced world. A world where everyone has a fair start in life. It only takes time and people to keep the dream alive, despite our actions in the past, today and near future.

For me it’s heartwarming to know that only a little sharing can contributes to a next level for someone and therefore could lead to a fair start in life for next generation(s). To be in a position to do so, feels privileged.”