Antoine Miltenburg

Expert since February 2018
Expertise: agribusiness, tech, business development

Ever since graduating from the Agricultural University in Wageningen (NL), I have been working as a business developer. Both in agribusiness in the Netherlands, South-East Asia and elsewhere; as in my own startups.

What I particularly like in Women on Wings is the entrepreneurial approach. We coach and support businesses to let them flourish and thereby creating more jobs.

When I first heard about the organization, I had already been coaching startups and SME’s for more than a year. Just as much as I like help building new businesses, and improving existing ones, I like working in other countries, with other circumstances. It challenges me to reshuffle previously acquired knowhow and experience in search of the best way to help our business partners. Meanwhile, I learn a lot from them to become a better entrepreneur myself. In my experience, talents like entrepreneurship, creativity, determination, and the will to make a difference, are universal and equally provided to women and men.

Although business might not solve all the challenges we face, I do think it can take its fair share in our responsibility as a society to make the world a little better. So if people develop a business to not only make a profit for themselves and their family, but also to make improvements for their community, I think they earn all the support that we can give.

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