Sascha Leuftink

Expert since November 2023
Expertise: Marketing Strategy

“The older I get, the more incomprehensible I find it that things are so unevenly distributed on this globe. We have our ‘first world problems’ while elsewhere in the world people wish they had them. OK, I know you can’t and shouldn’t compare this, but still, it gnaws a bit. But what am I doing about it? To date, actually, far too little and then Women on Wings came along. Well not literally, but Steven Duinhouwer (also an expert) talked about this. I was immediately all ears. My latent need to ‘contribute something’, coupled with my wife’s and my own conviction that many more women worldwide need to be heard and empowered, led to a resounding ‘yes’ or rather ‘wow’. Steven then suggested that the role of Marketing Expert fitted me. Well, here I am…

After studying the Women on Wings approach, I am very impressed with the impact it is having by locally supporting entrepreneurs in India. I hope I can make a difference by sharing my marketing knowledge and experience.”