Judith Heijnen

Judith Heijnen

Expert since November 2021

“I am a yogi/marketeer/bookworm/social butterfly who loves to travel and find new adventures along the way. Nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people, developing relationships, learning languages, connecting with new cultures and local customs and contributing to positive change. Travelling the world has taught me to appreciate the differences in people and cultural nuances and to pursue a simple life. I currently live a shanti life in a small village in South Goa.

Women on Wings’ mission to create jobs for a million women in rural areas in India is very close to my heart. I feel very strongly about empowering women, as they are the linchpin of communities. As soon as they gain a stronger financial position, the wider community around her will benefit. It serves as a catalyst for the larger socio-economic development of the community. I have seen this with my own eyes during our travels on different continents and therefore I feel a strong connection with Women on Wings’ purpose.

I love working with local (small) businesses and supporting them in anything marketing or brand related and to contribute to them reach their business objectives and elevate their brand. I love to share my experiences and knowledge gained from working with global brands, like developing a brand identity, a store design or concept, or setting up online & offline campaigns. I believe co-creation brings out the best ideas and results.

Always curious. Frequently smiling. Forever learning.”

Interested in learning more about my husband’s and my globetrotting adventures? Here’s our blog: https://mytb.org/judithmerijn