Elisabeth Werter

Expert at Women on Wings since December 2017
Expertise: Sales, Business and Innovation coach

“Already from 1995 onwards I’ve been supporting women to become economically independent. My mission has been rewarded when I was successfully introduced in 2010 to become an EU ambassador for female entrepreneurship. This title helped me even more to open doors, to create impact by being a role model as well as through inspirational talks, workshops and projects.
My worldview is that we have known since the Greek antiquity three organisms that balanced each other. The Oikos (yourself with your family, friends and acquaintances), the Government (policy and regulations and the public sector) and companies (supply & demand of the market). Traditionally these were separate worlds but since the introduction of the Internet the separation is fading and that has major implications. Between the three entities crossovers are created where many opportunities are occurring. I call this the new economy and I want to work on these opportunities together with Women on Wings.”