Jacqueline Kuiper

Expert since December 2023

Expertise: business development, with a focus on the Food sector

“When reading Women on Wings’ annual report, I was triggered by Aarti Singh’s story. Her work makes her independent, so she can make her own choices, she has learned a lot, and she is a role model for her daughters. In this way she ensures a better future for herself and her family. Why does this affect me? Because there are similarities between Aarti’s and my own story. I also think it is important that women work, and I have always done so. I also want to be independent, challenge myself, learn new things and show my children that it is completely normal for women to have a career. However, making this choice is easier for me because I was born in the Netherlands and Aarti in India. That is why I want to commit myself to Women on Wings. I want to contribute to this, because I think it is important that women are given opportunities and can therefore contribute to a more sustainable world and a stronger economic climate in India.

Naturally, all the SDGs that Women on Wings focuses on appeal to me, but from my background in Food I can particularly contribute to Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being and Responsible Consumption and Production (SDGs 2,3 and 12). I have been working as an Expert for PUM since the end of 2019, so I know what it is like to volunteer and bring knowledge to entrepreneurs in cultures other than ours. My background is very broad in Business Development, so I can be employed in various fields. In my current role as Food Innovation Advisor for the Kennispoort Regio Zwolle Foundation, I coach entrepreneurs and help them grow, with the aim of ensuring a strong economic climate in the Zwolle region. This closely matches Women on Wings mission, but from a different context.”