Management development program leads to new way of working at Jharcraft

Early February, Women on Wings experts Esther Goethart and Annemarie van Holstein worked with a team of Jharcraft on a second series of workshops for the management and personal development program which was launched October 2014. The program is designed to create a stronger organization, which will ultimately lead to better business results and thus growth in employment for women.

New insights lead to new way of working
Before starting new exercises, Esther took time to learn what happened since her workshops in October with ‘ownership’ and ‘critical internal relationships’? Esther: “I’m happy to hear important steps have been taken. Overall, the most important insight of the team about ownership is that it’s not about ‘you’ or ‘me’, it’s about us. The new way of working is positive, but in some cases causes confusion. It’s good we are here for a second series of workshops to work on some gaps.“

Interactive and fun exercises
Esther and Annemarie used multiple interactive sessions to give the team tools to improve collaboration and communication skills. Rather than telling them what to do, the team members had to experience what effect their own actions would have on the entire team effort. So building towers of spaghetti and marshmallows showed them in a fun way that working as a team and focusing on the task result in a better and thus higher tower. Ms. Priya Sulekha Tirkey: “The constant interaction and focus on building the tower made our team the winning team.”

Dreaming becomes doing
Finally after two days of a few theoretical presentations but mostly interactive teamwork exercises, each team member worked on its personal development plan: what are my objectives for the coming period and what kind of support do I need to fulfill them. They will work on their personal challenges in preparation to the third series of workshops later this spring.