Our impact

At Women on Wings, we consult with Indian social enterprises and Indian state government institutions to co-create one million jobs for women who live in rural India. You can get inspired and read their stories here. With an income a woman is empowered and can transform not only her life, but those of her family and community.

Our results since June 2024:


Sustainable jobs
for women created


Children to school
spared from malnutrition

The total time spent by experts consulting pro bono with Indian social enterprises and women entrepreneurship programs of Indian government institutions was 4,590 hours in FY 2023-2024.

How we track progress and success

We have developed our impact measurement model in collaboration with EY and Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Women on Wings impact measurement model

This model helps us evaluate the impact of our support with Indian social enterprises and government institutions. Twice a year we request reports on specific areas we give them support, the increased turnover (if applicable), the number of employed rural Indian women earning a sustainable income.

A very large body of research from many countries around the world confirms that putting more income in the hands of women yields beneficial results for child nutrition, health and education. Selected research: FAO, OECD, UN Women

How we create mutual value

In addition to the immense visible impact the Women on Wings team and experts create consulting pro bono with Indian social enterprises and state government institutions, we also create invisible impact.

In FY 2020-2021, we conducted an assessment to document this not so obvious impact. Prastut Consulting from Gurgaon, performed an assessment among sixteen Women on Wings experts and nineteen social enterprise partners.

The research revealed that the impact of our consulting and mentorship is reciprocal: our experts support Indian social entrepreneurs in growing their businesses so that they may employ more women, while the entrepreneurs inspire the experts to introduce a social purpose to their work in the Netherlands.

The social entrepreneurs in India become more pragmatic, confident, energetic and satisfied with their entrepreneurship through interaction with Women on Wings experts. Their work in India enriches and gives the experts further purpose and meaning. Download the detailed mutual impact assessment report here.