Workshop for Indian customers: next step in web and social media

How do you link social media sites in a way that strengthens them and helps you communicate more effectively with customers? Women on Wings customers found out at a two-day workshop on online marketing and communication held in Delhi early November by experts Jacqueline Duerinck and Irma van Zand.

Online focus
Twelve participants from seven Indian organizations affiliated with Women on Wings, spent two days developing concrete online activities that could be implemented immediately after the workshop. The first day was dedicated to exchanging knowledge and experiences, sharing ideas and sharpening the focus.

Day two focused on making plans. Facebook was universally considered the ideal medium for maintaining online client contact while storytelling was seen as an excellent way to help visualize the stories behind the products and their creators. Each organization drafted a plan to take the next step in web and social media. These were used to create roadmaps that would help participants take the necessary steps towards fulfilling their plans.

“It was a superb workshop for us; we have collected so many important inputs for improvements,” says Rajesh Goutam, Internet Marketing Manager at Jaipur Rugs. “We hope to experiment with all that we learned and realized about social media communication in this workshop,” adds Deepti Ameta, who is responsible for online communication at Seva Mandir. “You will definitely see the impact – hopefully a sustained one.”

Back in the Netherlands, the first results were immediately visible. More images, more storytelling and more ‘likes’ on our clients’ Facebook pages.  Read all about the workshops in the two Dutch blogs below (the second has links to the Facebook pages of participating clients):

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