Holland Payroll

Holland Payroll

Since February 2014

Holland Payroll and Women on Wings join forces for new jobs and incomes for women in rural India. Holland Payroll contributes financially and examines with its clients the opportunity to make further finance or expertise available to entrepreneurs in India.

Sake Bosma, CEO Holland Payroll:
“The approach of Women on Wings matches our vision perfectly. We offer our clients practical solutions to the problems of today, which at the same time respond to the challenges of tomorrow. Women on Wings does the same. Not just a short-term structural solution but also a whole new chance for a next generation. With this targeted and personal approach, Women on Wings is really making a difference.”

Holland Payroll is amongst other preferred supplier of FME, Netherlands largest employers’ organization in the technology industry. It offers solutions in the areas of deployment of flexible staff. Many of its clients operate internationally and are facing increasing economic fluctuations for products and services. Through Holland Payroll’s customized payroll services, businesses get more opportunities in the deployment of staff. At the same time staff has more chance of work at the same conditions as its own employees.

“Thanks to Women on Wings we focus our program to be more efficient in delivery and sustainable in action, as we scale our efforts to reach more farmers, especially training more women as beekeepers.”

Vijaya Pastala
Founder and CEO at Under The Mango Tree