Business Consultancy

The value chain model clarifies on headlines the business areas we support. Based on the demand of the social enterprise we jointly decide on which topic we start working. We have no standard solutions. Each enterprise has its own specific challenges. We have a tailor made approach and call that ‘craftsmanship in consultancy’. We believe in long-term relationships, therefor we aim to work together for at least three years. Change does not happen overnight.

Value chain model
The value chain model below clarifies the business areas we support:


We request a small nominal fee from our partners, to have ‘skin in the game’ from both the entrepreneur and Women on Wings.
If you are interested to partner with us, please try the quickscan or contact us via

After evaluating the quickscan, the next step is a two day assessment on site to get a better understanding about the enterprise and its team, like is the leader a true entrepreneur, has the enterprise the ambition to grow in turn-over and jobs for women and are there at least two people who speak English. We also need to know how many rural women have regular work already and how it is organized. And do these women receive a fair price for the work done and is there a consciousness related to the environment. After this assessment, we will jointly decide if and how we are going to partner.

We focus on growth of the business resulting in regular paid work for rural women, not on training programs for women.

“I truly enjoy our collaboration in which we co-created an impact on the lives of over 39,000 rural families in Assam.”

Dilip Barooah
CEO of Fabric Plus