Latest result: 278,000 jobs for women in rural India

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Women on Wings’ latest milestone as of 2019 is a total of 278,000 jobs for women in rural India. These jobs are co-created with 37 business partners in India. Thanks to these 278,000 jobs, 1.39 million people in rural India have improved livelihoods and as an extra result, 834,000 children are in (a better) school.

Improved livelihoods for 1.39 million people
A job is for most women in rural India more than just a source of income. It gives them a different position in the family, changes their look at life, and gives their children a better future thanks to education and better nutrition. Also, an income is empowering, giving the women increased self-esteem, pride and more economic independence. The jobs contribute to lifting families out of poverty in rural India. Women on Wings is always eager to hear from rural women themselves how a job and income changed their lives. Read inspiring stories composed from site visits with social enterprise partners.

What is a job?
Women on Wings partners with social entrepreneurs in India in co-creating extra jobs for women in rural India, mostly in women centric sectors like Textiles & Handicrafts, Food & Agri, and Non-Timber-Forest-Produce. For some women, a job means a regular source of income thanks to daily embroidery work. For others, it is extra income thanks to collecting oranges or custard apples in a specific harvest season. For Women on Wings, a job is a reliable and stable source of extra income to the family household. These social entrepreneurs make a wonderful difference in the lives of many rural women, be it full-time, part-time or seasonal.

Impact of Women on Wings approach
Every six months, the Women on Wings team digs into the numbers with its business partners to analyze the results of the interventions by Women on Wings’ experts. The impact of Women on Wings’ approach finds itself first in the business results of its partners, like increased turnover, higher efficiency rates and improved processes. But ultimately, it shows in the number of women who are being employed by the Women on Wings partners.