Rural women benefit from wholesale success

In line with its motto of being the ‘champion for independent business’ Metro Cash & Carry India is working with 20-25 new-age food and tech start-ups, many of which have now scaled up operations to multiple cities. Women on Wings’ partner Wingreens Farms is one of these enterprises.

Women trained to make the best
Wingreens Farms makes signature dips, spreads, sauces, and baked snacks and began its association with Metro Cash & Carry in 2017 with dips only. Now it sells all its products in 22 of Metro’s 27 stores. The ‘WIN’ in Wingreens stands for “Women’s Initiative Network” meaning that Wingreens empowers women both financially and emotionally. At the Wingreens Farms Training Institute, rural and semi urban women are given certified skill training in the field of food technology, food hygiene and food processing that provides them with an array of employment opportunities with Wingreens Farms and beyond.

Sharing knowledge in joint strategy
“We get direction and guidance from Metro’s top management on what kind of products work and what do not, access to large spaces in Metro stores for displaying and engaging directly with their customers. Till now, we were largely a consumer brand with small pack sizes, but with Metro’s guidance we have jointly worked on our HoReCa strategy and have recently introduced 1 kg packs for this customer segment. Metro Cash & Carry is among our top three customers today.” said Arjun Srivastava, co-founder, Wingreens Farms.

Heroing products while doing good
Wingreens Farms wants its customers to buy their products for its great taste and super quality. The fact that these products also contribute to better lives of many rural women, is not used as a marketing tool. It merely is a bonus. But Wingreens Farms does unconditionally sponsor the education of the children of all the women working in its employ. In doing so, Wingreens Farms gives the women the added benefit of working with the assurance that their children are not only well taken care of, but that they receive a quality education while their mothers are at work.