Building a brand for Sahaj

The importance of building a brand has landed safely in Dahod, the home town of Sahaj in Gujarat. Karen de Loos, expert Branding & Communication at Women on Wings took the Sahaj team on a two days’ journey, explaining that keeping the focus on consistency and continuity of using that brand towards all target groups will result in growth of business, and ultimately in more jobs for tribal women.

Building target audience
Jabeen Jambughodawala, Founder and Managing Trustee at Sahaj: “By building a sustainable brand and communicating in the right way, we hope that all target audiences will find its way to Sahaj and will buy our beautiful handmade products. This in turn will enable us to give work to more tribal women in the region and also in other states and help them earn regular incomes.”

Eager to learn team
Karen: “The small Sahaj team was very eager to learn so the first day we had already discussed many of the subjects planned for the second day. Which was great because now we could spend more time on defining key target groups, their barriers, the key messages, the media to use, etc.. In the end we had finished a great plan with time table which can be used from now on.”

Sahaj, an organization with a mission
Sahaj seeks to promote sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to artisans and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers. Sahaj is working with tribal women artisans of eastern Gujarat and provides home-based livelihood opportunities to address the issue of annual migration. Since 2016, Sahaj and Women on Wings are collaborating in their joint mission of creating employment opportunities for women in rural India. Sahaj made the gift for guests at Women on Wings’ 10th anniversary event in the Netherlands: an orange Bahi Khatta (notebook of accounts).

@pic: artisan making the orange Bahi Khatta