Conference on Breaking the Glass Ceiling

On April 19, 2018 Women on Wings and ACCESS Development Services, organized a conference in New Delhi which brought together 100 thought leaders to delve into women’s empowerment through social enterprises. While the conference celebrated the accomplishment of entrepreneurs who work towards women empowerment, it also aimed to highlight critical gaps that need to be met to create an environment within which more women are able to break the glass ceiling.

Why invest in women
A growing body of evidence illustrates that advancing women’s economic empowerment has multiplier effects across the spectrum of development and is central to achieving gender equality. With an income of their own, women have increased status, can provide for their families, and become empowered in many ways, such as making decisions about education, housing, food choices, and medical care. And, harnessing the full potential of women can impact the national GDP too.

Request for making annual event
Amongst the speakers were eight Women on Wings’ business partners and financial strategists, policy and change makers from various Ministries and Governmental bodies. In five sessions, they discussed topics like Scaling Women Led Enterprises, New Age Women Entrepreneurs Break Old Trends, Workforce Development and Skills Training, Access to Markets, and Financing Solutions. Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint MD Women on Wings: “We had very passionate and inspiring speakers plus an audience which actively participated in the discussions. The feedback was very positive and many participants requested us to make this an annual conference.”

Magazine celebrates social entrepreneurs
Realizing that the glass ceiling would not be broken by the end of the conference itself, ACCESS Development Services and Women on Wings collected a number of stories from its partners who had taken the journey successfully. For themselves and for the women they employ in their companies. In a glossy magazine styled publication, 10 entrepreneurs penned down their journey, including their lessons, to inspire the audience of the conference and to leave them with optimism that, despite the long road ahead, a lot has been achieved already.

The thematic conference was realized thanks to the support of NITI Aayog, UNDP, Disha, FWWB and Tata Chemicals Ltd.