Improving supply chain of Tamul Plates in Assam

Women on Wings’ business partner Tamul Plates produces huge numbers of bio-degradable dinner-ware that are being produced on various locations in Assam. The dinner-ware is supplied across India and internationally also. This requires a smooth operational process with good planning and tracking. A team of Women on Wings worked with the management of Tamul Plates in Assam on optimizing the supply chain.

Dorien van Doorn, expert in supply chain management at Women on Wings, Tanveen Ratti and Shashank Teotia, consultants at Women on Wings, went to one of the production units in Barpeta, Assam, to literally walk through the production process and see where improvements could be made. Dorien: “Remarkably, the conditions are so vastly different from what I see in the Netherlands, but the processes are identical. Arindam, the CEO and Debaleena, the Operations Manager, are very well aware of all processes.”

Tamul Plates aims to automate the flow of goods. Dorien introduced a possible future ERP system and explained how Tamul Plates can benefit from such a system. Arindam Dasgupta, Co-founder & CEO at Tamul Plates: “I was pleased with the concrete information. What does the ERP system do, how does it work and what does it mean for its users. I really want to start working with an ERP system this year.” Both Dorien and Arindam have their homework to find a suitable ERP system for Tamul Plates.

Tamul Plates Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is a green, social enterprise producing bio-degradable dinner-ware using the sheath of the areca-nut palm tree which is found in abundance in the North Eastern States. The supply chain and production is local and women-centric, allowing the women to engage in livelihood within their context. Tamul Plates believes that generating jobs for women and youth transforms their lives and drive social change.