Tamul Plates new business partner in the North East

Women on Wings and Tamul Plates Marketing Pvt. Ltd., a green, social enterprise producing bio-degradable dinner-ware, join hands in taking the social enterprise to the next level. Currently, Tamul Plates generated employment to 400 women. The joint goal is to grow towards over 3,000 women by 2018. Late August, a Women on Wings team comprising Tanveen Ratti, Ronald van het Hof and Shilpa Mittal Singh, worked with the team of Tamul Plates on its production capacity.

New possibilities to increase production
Arindam Dasgupta, founder of Tamul Plates: “There is a market for our plates but we lack production capacities to meet the demand of the plates. The Women on Wings team supported us identifying the areas that needed to be prioritized and jointly we came up with new possibilities of who and how to sell our machines to increase production capacity. I’m very happy with the conclusions which give clear direction to move ahead.”

Hand holding towards a common goal
Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint managing director Women on Wings: “Arindam has clear plans for his company to grow, but the plans were all jumbled up in his mind and in the mind of his first line team. After a field visit and two days of rigorous consultancy sessions, we were able to align the team towards a common goal. The team viewed us as an independent and unbiased body. They have had several discussions previously amongst themselves, but could not arrive at a substantial conclusion.”

Enhancing livelihood through producing plates
Tamul Plates Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is a green, social enterprise producing bio-degradable dinner-ware using the leaf (sheath) of the areca-nut palm tree which is found in abundance in in Assam and other North Eastern States and hence providing livelihoods for rural families in the region. The supply chain and production is local and women-centric, allowing the women to engage in livelihood within their context.
Women on Wings will support Tamul Plates in the creation and implementation of a new business plan.