Marketing tambul plates from Assam

Finding a bigger market for bio-degradable dinner-ware that is produced in Assam so more jobs for rural women can be co-created. That was the aim of the recent work visit of Women on Wings to Tambul Plates. Expert Irene Koel and Tanveen Ratti, consultant at Women on Wings, facilitated a number of brainstorms and workshops to strengthening Tamul Plates’ organization and marketing.

What is Marketing
In four days the teams jointly looked for possibilities to improving the marketing of the bio-degradable dinner-ware which are made of the leaf (sheath) of the areca-nut palm tree. Expert Irene Koel: “It’s a great product and there is a huge domestic market out there. Tamul Plates is already doing good, but it has huge potential to become much greater. So we worked intensely on the positioning and identity of the company, on the product collection and how to target groups of buyers, distribution, pricing and how to benefit from market research. It was very inspiring to work with this eager to learn and dynamic team”.

Understanding each team member’s skills
Improving the Marketing strategy is a real team effort and therefore Women on Wings also looked at Tamul Plates’ management team. The Belbin test provided a clear understanding of the skills and qualities of each team member. Arindam Dasgupta, founder of Tamul Plates: “We did the Belbin team roles which identify people’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. The outcome helps us to develop our team, raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness. It’s been of utmost value to our team.”

Women centric non forest timber produce
Tamul Plates Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is a green, social enterprise producing bio-degradable dinner-ware using the leaf (sheath) of the areca-nut palm tree which is found in abundance in in Assam and other North Eastern States. The supply chain and production is local and women-centric, allowing the women to engage in livelihood within their context. Tamul Plates believes that generating jobs for women and youths transforms their lives and drive social change.