Creating a dairy market in Dholpur for Apani Saheli

With a population of around 25,000 and no big dairy player in Dholpur, Rajasthan, there is an open market for Women on Wings’ business partner Apani Saheli Producer Company Limited (ASPCL) to explore and create a market. Mid-September, a team of Women on Wings worked with ASPCL on its marketing plan: how to create a good market and revenue for the company.

Huge potential in retail for growth
Supriya Kapoor, Senior Business Consultant at Women on Wings: “We worked with them in identifying their strengths, challenges and opportunities. They could immediately see the huge potential that existed in the retail market with a captive local population of about 25,000 not serviced by any large reliable or branded milk supplier. We also did a quick market study to understand the customer perspective. This outside- in approach helped in developing a realistic marketing strategy and also created a greater level of confidence amongst the team for retail selling.”

Renew passion for improving the business
By the end of the 2 days consultancy session, the ASPCL team had created plans and timelines. The session created renewed passion and desire to improve upon the current situation and look at the newer avenues of retail selling.They also realized how important branding is to position ASPCL better in the market. Branding will also help ASPCL create a market for its product “Saheli Fresh”. Next step will be a similar consultancy session with the ASPCL team on the branding.

Connecting dots with Pradan and Tata Trusts
ASPCL’s mission is to create sustainable livelihood for the rural poor and to provide them financial sustainability through dairy based activities. Its main objective is to enhance the income of rural families through milk marketing, paying them a fair price and cutting their dependency on the Dudhiya’s (middle men). ASPCL is supported by Pradan since 2012 and Pradan is one of the partners of Tata Trusts. Since November 2014 Women on Wings works on identifying potential partners in the network of Tata Trusts towards a greater sustainable scale of impact. ASPCL comes from this Tata Trusts network.