“Grow your own vegetables here!”

Women on Wings’ business partner Drishtee wishes to develop a concept for a weekly fresh vegetable delivery at the doorstep of urban families, produced by rural female farmers. This as a carrier to share prosperity between both types of communities. Expert Aafke van Sprundel and Ronald van het Hof, Managing Director Women on Wings India, visited Drishtee last week to support develop this concept.

They undertook 4 steps:

1. Positioning options. The experts discussed with the Drishtee management team some examples of different types of positioning of vegetable subscriptions in The Netherlands, arranging from high end luxury deliveries where all ingredients of the accompanied recipes where measured in the right amounts, to becoming part of bio-dynamic cooperation of farmers and consumers.

2. Focus groups. Different kinds of food consumption habits were tested for cooking, shopping, payment, delivery, decision making. The focus groups were very insightful.  A big concern was trust. For example claims on labels such as organic were considered false, bad experiences with online shopping, fair pricing. People were sceptic about advertisements  recommendations from people they knew were preferred. The key element for the concept was freshness, the USP the (relationship with) female farmers.

3. Communication. All communication messages and channels will have to cater to building trust. Starting with meetings organised by an ambassador and slowly broadening these to closer contact with the farmers and having a variety of networks facilitated by different ambassadors. Graphic images to convey the concept should show the connection between the urban family and the female farmers as a USP.

4. Marketing funnel. Two types of marketing funnels were chosen. One to meet female farmers before buying and eventually getting an annual subscription. The other trying out vegetables for a few weeks before eventually visiting the female farmers.

Drishtee and Women on Wings will continue their cooperation based on the outcomes of these steps.