It takes a 1000 days

In India it may take 1000 days before an initiative really takes off. That is what Dipesh told us when asking him advice on starting the WOW office in India. “But after this initial period the relationships will hold for a long time”

I am at Shrujan now for the third time and reaching the 1000 days. About the relationships I have no worries at all. I feel very welcomed by the Shroff family and they make the maximum use of our presence here by involving us in all kind of discussions and meetings.

But does anything of our work takes off? During our first day meeting with the Board members of Shrujan it struck me to hear the same issues are still on the agenda. The shopkeepers are not always happy with the supply of products; the number of different garments produced is too high; quality management deserves attention; stocks are abundant; and the production of a seasonal line is constantly been hampered by adhoc orders.

Still I am positive, as many good things did happen. Progress has been made on all issues mentioned above. Shrujan is making wonderfull products as was recognised by and by high end customers during the last exhibition in Mumbai resulting in a top sales records.

Yesterday we held a meeting with 15 employees involved in the production process, accountancy and sales. They shared their experiences and came up with valuable ideas for improvements. All were so enthusiastic, they asked for regular meetings like this. Today we will have a meeting with the management team to discuss the improvement of cooperation between sales and production and the implications of the shift in focus on profitable products and sales channels as decided by the board. In the coming days we will work with the sales team to prepare the selected exhibitions and define the most profitable products. Also we will look at the cash flow problems and come up with practical suggestions. Before going home I will pass by the founder of Shrujan, mrs Shroff, 81years old, and still very much in charge. Only her commitment to changes can make the difference and make sure they take off. It takes 1000 days….