Sakhi Retail: ondernemersnetwerk van vrouwen

Today we meet Prema Gopelan, director of SSP (Swayam Shikshan Prayog) in a small room in a residential/work area of ​​Mumbai. SSP’s mission: sustainable community development by empowering women as leaders and entrepreneurs. The aim of the conversation is to discuss a possible role of Sakhi Retail in the sales and distribution of sanitary towels. Founded by SSP, Sakhi Retail is a social enterprise for the sale and distribution of sustainable products across 5 districts in Maharashtra and Bihar with 1,000+ women.

Healthy business model
Prema’s social background and SSP’s social objectives make setting up a business like Sakhi Retail challenging. How do you ensure that you develop a healthy company with the right market demand, smooth distribution and good quality products? The precondition is a margin for all links in the chain, not least for the female entrepreneurs who sell the products in shops or door to door.

Sanitary Pads 2.0
A valuable meeting, in which we see benefits for both organizations: the Sakhi Retail network and the business knowledge of the experts from Women on Wings. In the coming days we will be looking at a network of knowledge and skills together with other organizations in Assam, Delhi and Jaipur. The headline is off: this week the WoW team Sanitary Pads 2.0 consists of Deepika , Linda and myself. Sent out with a briefing from experts Jan Anne , Patrick and Adrianne . We keep you posted!