How to transform from a supply driven organization to a market driven organization?

That is the big challenge NAMPCO is facing. Experts Maria van der Heijden and Martha van Dijk worked with NAMPCO for three days to make a first organizational, financial and marketing analysis.

NAMPCO was established in 2010 by BEDROC, an NGO set up after the tsunami in 2004 with the aim to build up resilience of the vulnerable coastal communities near Chennai in the south of India. This is a cattle friendly region. NAMPCO is a milk producers’ company. The company has set up milk collectives in the villages that buy milk from the local farmers. The collectives sell the milk to NAMPCO that processes it into pasteurized milk and milk products. The processed milk is sold into the market by NAMPCO thus creating a stronger marketing force for the individual farmers.

After three days of analysis and intense discussions it was concluded that NAMPCO needs a stronger focus on the marketing. One action that was immediately taken was the introduction and start of ‘the week of sales’. In order to get the focus of the whole NAMPCO team on sales, an entire week was dedicated solely to approaching wholesalers and other middlemen. For the longer term Women on Wings and the NAMPCO team defined other sales channels and discussed the overall marketing strategy.

Working through the variable and fixed costs of the product gave a better insight in where cost savings can still be made. More important, it was a joint conclusion that a financial sensitivity analysis will help NAMPCO to guide the management through the decision making about the product mix and investments to be made. Further analyses will be worked on.

Women on Wings and NAMPCO experienced three productive days of systematic and focused discussions which resulted in various actions to be taken in the immediate and longer term.