The Ants opens new shop in search for new opportunities

The Ants opened their new shop / café in Bangalore on October 8th. The café, which is a floor up from the shop, is doing extremely well, with over 50% increase of turnover. However the rent was about to increase enormous next year, so profits would not return to The Ants. Therefor it was decided to find a new shop / café.

Women on Wings and The Ants team worked on identifying short term commercial activities to create traffic to the new shop; how to turn café guests into shop customers and increase conversion ratio. A practical training ‘know your customer and your products’ has been given to the sales staff. Role playing was part of the training which was new to the team, but also a valuable exercise. Tools were given to register and use the gained knowledge about customers and products. A planning of moving from the old to the new location has been made and all risks have been identified. The Ants looks at the new shop as a new start with new opportunities.

Next to this The Ants wholesale activities were discussed and the action plan was updated.