Kala Raksha: about preserving handicrafts in monsoon time

Working in monsoon with new customer Kala Raksha in Bhuj, Gujarat state, created also new challenges for Women on Wings’ experts. Monsoon causes flooding and power cuts, so what do you do when your laptop with all workshops on it, has a low battery? You challenge your creativity and you draw the workshop on A4-papers, which also works effective. Expert Ronald van het Hof and consultant Tanveen Ratti experienced it all while working with Kala Raksha.

They worked a week with Kala Raksha’s board and management team on a set of business priorities to sustain further growth. Short and mid-term opportunities for increase in sales and productivity have been determined through workshops. Immediate action has already been taken on some ideas, e.g. an incentive program for artisans to achieve maximum productivity for upcoming exhibitions. Because of heavy rainfall and flooding production was far behind planning. Furthermore immediate action was decided on increasing the sales of the hotel shop in Bhuj; they will look for a franchisee.