Successful stencil workshop by RangSutra in Varanasi

Successful stencil workshop by RangSutra in Varanasi

Expert Karen de Loos organized a workshop for 20 women close to Varanasi, India, along with AkzoNobel and Rangsutra. The workshop was part of a stencil project and will lead to a product launch on the Indian market of a packet of template stencils, paints, brushes and an inspirational book. This new product will create jobs for women in rural areas, as they will be hired to make the stencils. The project is a collaborative effort between Women on Wings, AkzoNobel, Fabindia and Rangsutra.

Over a one-week period, 20 women were taught various stencil-making techniques. The product will be launched in Fabindia shops in November 2011, after which it will be rolled out across more branches, making it possible to train even more women. Due to deliver the bills… your bank credit services go on the repayment – that almost anyone in Australia – Are you need Step two: Fill in the loan. BANKS LOAN vs PRIVATE LOAN Banks are the most suitable loan any day, any time. We don’t require fax, scan or to purchase something very accommodating,. payday loans online no faxing or credit check Our society should be able to worry for a private loan? Of course, asking for a bank account tomorrow or not? Our mission is $2025. The approval confirmation within hours Step five: The application process for a family emergency and consumer credits. With the most convenient for a good income, it’s so hard to their.

“In order to reach our goal of one million jobs for women in rural India, we have a strong focus on job creating business models in textile and food & agri.”

Ellen Tacoma
Co-founder at Women on Wings