Adding colors to lives of women: Rangsutra

Women on Wings’ business partner Rangsutra Crafts gives employment to artisans from the remote parts of India, whether from Rajasthan, Uttaranchal or from the hilly regions of Assam. These artisans not only get employment but also get their share in the company.

Quality work will find a market
Mohini Devi is one of the artisans: “I was an ordinary woman, but since I associated myself with Rangsutra my life has changed. Due to my work, I was awarded ‘Usha International Award’ in Delhi in 2014 by famous Hindi film actress Priyanka Chopra, which is a matter of pride for me. I have some advice, if apart from writing you can motivate people to do stitching and embroidery and if the work is good, it will find a good market.”

Bringing excellent embroidery from Pakistan
Many of the women connected with Rangsutra originate from Pakistan. “The women who came down from Sindh province in Pakistan by crossing the Thar Desert in 1971 were excellent in embroidery work; we have not only revitalized their skill but also given them financial support. Today more than 1,000 women are connected with our organization through their skill,” says 64-year-old Pushpa Devi.

Children benefit from income mother
Bhandari Bai, a resident of Dodi village located 180 km from Bikaner, who is a shareholder of the company says, “We migrated from Mirpur Khas, Sindh province of Pakistan and there was absolute poverty, we had nothing to eat. Since the time we were connected to the embroidery work our lives have changed. Our children not just go to school, but my daughter has even done B. Ed and is contesting Panchayat elections, and my son is doing engineering. There are many female artisans who are shareholders in Rangsutra.”

Rangsutra has added colors to the lives of many women, whether it is Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka or Jammu and Kashmir.

Picture: ©IKEA