Fast growth at DAH Jaipur results in first new jobs

The first success at Desert Artisans Handicrafts Jaipur Ltd. (DAH Jaipur), is already visible after just a short time. DAH Jaipur focuses on developing more home textile products and has received large orders from Fabindia. A new cluster of artisans then produce the orders which has created 200 new jobs.

Prakash Tripathi, Managing Director of DAH Jaipur: “After we worked on the step-by-step plan with the Women on Wings experts, we further expanded the home textile category. Fabindia has faith in our new products and has since placed large orders with us, resulting in more jobs as well as an increase in turnover for DAH Jaipur. This is fantastic motivation to continue down the same path”.

DAH Jaipur is one of the community-owned companies (COCs) that work for Fabindia. They are specialized in block printed products. Sales opportunities and production seemed very promising when the Women on Wings experts set to work with DAH Jaipur’s management at the end of November on coming up with a plan to achieve growth in jobs and turnover. It was clear that opportunities lay chiefly in the home textile category and they continued to support and follow DAH Jaipur from the Netherlands. Regular Skype calls helps the experts maintain implementation speed and guide DAH Jaipur in taking the steps developed in November.