• marichska
    "I support Women on Wings because I want to share my knowledge and experience with women in India." Expert Marischka Leenaers
  • ellen
    "I get inspired over and over again by the strength and energy of Indian women". Ellen Tacoma, co-founder Women on Wings
  • maria
    "As a farmer’s daughter, I feel connected to women in rural areas throughout the world". Maria van der Heijden, co-founder Women on Wings
  • deepica
    "Economic independence for rural women in India is the only sustainable way to reduce the gender inequalities that exist." Deepika Sharma, consultant Women on Wings
  • Jaikant Singh
    Jaikant Singh
    “Skill development and livelihood go hand in hand. Women on Wings plays a critical role in improving the livelihood opportunities for women across the country”. Jaikant Singh, Head Partnership & State Alliance at NSDC
  • Dilip Barooah
    Dilip Barooah
    “I truly enjoy our 5 years collaboration in which we co-created an impact on the lives of over 33,000 rural families in Assam”. Dilip Barooah, CEO at Fabric Plus
  • Durga and Anjali
    Durga and Anjali
    “I work at Sadhna and my bonus money is for my daughter’s education. She wants to become a chartered accountant”. Mother Durga and daughter Anjali; one generation can make a difference