VP Capital

VP Capital

Funding partner since June 2023

The owners of investment company VP Capital, the Van Puijenbroek family, started a workwear company over 150 years ago. Today, VP Capital commits its assets and network to sustainable progress for future generations. VP Capital contributes to solutions needed at both the planetary as well as the social/community level.

The company manages a diversified portfolio of investments in sectors such as agrifood, real estate, media, textiles, smart industry, energy transition, water, and health. Almost half of the managed assets are invested in impact. It is one of the first European family offices to achieve the B Corp Certification, which recognizes the company’s ambitious standards in social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability.

In June 2023, Women on Wings and VP Capital entered a one-year partnership to spur income, autonomy and more choices for rural Indian women. VP Capital’s commitment to tackling societal challenges aligns with Women on Wings’ mission to take families in rural India out of poverty through economic development.

“Fantastic experts, board members, employees and other stakeholders support us in our work and share the same ambition: to take rural families out of poverty by creating employment for women.”

Maria van der Heijden
Co-founder at Women on Wings