Supriya Kapoor

Director Social Enterprises
Joined the team in September 2014

“Living in India gives you a firsthand exposure to the sheer inequities that exist between the `haves’ and the `have nots’, the privileged and the underprivileged. My volunteering work as a student and a recent stint with a school for migrant women and children, provided valuable insights into how education and sustained efforts in the right direction could positively impact this gap. This experience was immensely satisfying and motivated me to make a shift from the corporate world to a more meaningful and enriching vocation.

I began looking for opportunities that would leverage my existing skill set and was excited by the Women on Wings model of facilitating excellence and innovation in the development arena for the most underprivileged, bottom-of-the-pyramid clientele, namely rural women.

I see my work at Women on Wings as an opportunity to utilize my competencies in strategic planning, business development, program design and service delivery to support social development businesses build disciplined and self-sustaining models.”