Women on Wings business partner since August 2015
Head Office: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tisser’s vision is to weave a network of weavers and artisans from incredible India to support Make in India and amuse the customers around the world. It will harness the transformative power of a well-run business committed to profitable growth in support of Tisser’s vision.

Tisser (French for ‘to weave’) will strengthen and support its community of artisans, weavers, customers and designers, inspired by India. It will give its customers products that delight them by interpreting India’s rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment. It will generate livelihood for its weavers and artisans through end to end support. And it will support the girl child education of the families with Tisser through its proceeds.

Tisser’s core value is respect for both the producer and customer. It ensures a fair price to the producer as well as quality products to the customer. Profits earned from sales will in part go back to ensure a better life for the communities and to support the girl child’s education of weavers and artisans.

“Through this partnership with Women on Wings, we want to enable more women to earn their own income that will give them greater financial means to improve their livelihoods. Economic independence for women means more children can go to school, more meals per day for their families and communities, and an overall better standard of living for them and future generations”

Ilan Vuddumalay
C&A Foundation