Tanta Gatha

Tanta Gatha

Business partner since August 2023

Tanta Gatha Women Weaver Producer Company Limited is the commercial entity of sustainable fashion brand Tanta Gatha. It is deeply committed to working with indigenous communities in India to create economic opportunities and preserve traditional craftsmanship and culture.

It aims at empowering women from indigenous communities to become agents of change and advocates for social and environmental justice.

By placing sustainability at the forefront of everything it does, Tanta Gatha hopes to make a positive impact on the environment and help create a more just and equitable fashion industry for all.

The social enterprise was established in June 2022, and is located in Mayurbhanj, in the Indian state of Orissa. It is supported by the Mauna Dhwani Foundation. Mauna Dhwani Foundation works for the revival of the Adivasi weaves and empowering of the weaver communities in Odisha. Tanta Gatha means ‘the Story of Weaves’. The story of a group of brave, determined, and spirited women who came together defying all odds to revive the hundred-year-old tribal craft of north-eastern Odisha.

In August 2023, Women on Wings and Tanta Gatha entered a partnership which aims to scale the enterprise and co-create more employment opportunities for rural women weavers.

“Thanks to the consultancy of Women on Wings, we now understand our team strengths and areas of improvement and more importantly, how we should be organizing ourselves going forward.”

Siva Devireddy
Founder and CEO at GoCoop