Business partner since January 2021

SEEDS stands for Sustainable Eco Enterprise Development Solutions. It is founded with a vision of economic and ecological development of the state of Jammu & Kashmir through sustainable economic activities. SEEDS and Women on Wings started as partners in a consortium which was initiated by The Netherlands Embassy in India to stop inequalities and fight domestic violence against vulnerable women in India.

After concluding the project with the Netherlands Embassy in India, SEEDS and Women on Wings continue building the social enterprise from Srinagar to engage more women.

Developing sustainable livelihood for women farmers
SEEDS voluntarily supports local NGOs and social activists for the promotion of crafts, agriculture and allied activities, with youth and women engagement at the heart of all its endeavors. SEEDS and Women on Wings found a common objective of development of sustainable livelihoods for women farmers and artisans in Kashmir.

“Fantastic experts, board members, employees and other stakeholders support us in our work and share the same ambition: to take rural families out of poverty by creating employment for women.”

Maria van der Heijden
Co-founder at Women on Wings