Mura Collective

Mura Collective

Business partner since April 2022

Founded in 2015, Mura Collective Textiles & Crafts Pvt. Ltd (Mura Collective) is synonymous with the textile craft Shibori, a Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique, which produces a number of different patterns on fabric. After nearly 15 years of working towards perfecting the technique of Shibori, dyeing with natural dyes, weaving and other textile processes, sisters Kusum Gahtori Tiwari and Prabha Tiwari set up the company Mura Collective to formally use their skills and expertise to generate livelihoods in Uttarakhand, where they belong.

Mura Collective endeavors to create a craft-based ecosystem that allows all-comers to contribute according to their capabilities and supports them according to their needs. Prabha, a journalist, and Kusum, an IT professional, had always had a keen interest in textile crafts. A chance encounter with design gurus Toofan Rafai and Dashrath Patel of National Institute of Design got them hooked on natural dyes. Thus began a journey of over two decades of exploration which ultimately resulted in the establishment of Mura Collective in 2015 as part of a broader mission to use craft as a vehicle for radical change.

Since April 2022, Women on Wings and Mura Collectives are joining hands in developing a sound business model to support the social enterprise in realizing its ambition and jointly improve livelihoods and increase job opportunities for women in rural India.

“Fantastic experts, board members, employees and other stakeholders support us in our work and share the same ambition: to take rural families out of poverty by creating employment for women.”

Maria van der Heijden
Co-founder at Women on Wings