Women on Wings business partner since March 2018

GramShree Development Services Pvt Ltd (GramShree) aims to engage, promote and support tribal farmers by providing an opportunity to raise additional income by ensuring sale of their farm produce. Gramshree deals in marketing of produce directly from farm to market and adds value to products through its in-house expertise & food processing facilities. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of a variety of frozen and canned pulps made from custard apple. Both the farming and the processing of the pulps are women centered. Next to pulps, GramShree has farm produces like spices, herbs, millets and flours.

Passion to uplift rural communities

Rakesh Kumar, founder of GramShree, started his career as a development professional with a passion of changing the rural India. During his tenures with large NGO’s for many years, Rakesh worked with communities directly. Rakesh found that villages which were linked with a value chain for their produce progressed more. With this realization and his own experience of setting up value chains which proved to break the cycle of poverty for rural families, Rakesh set up his own venture GramShree and aspires to impact lives of 10,000 tribal families by 2022, in tribal belt of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Women on Wings and GramShree collaborate in their joint goal to increase the number of jobs- and livelihood opportunities for women in rural India where GramShree is working.

“In order to reach our goal of one million jobs for women in rural India, we have a strong focus on job creating business models in textile and food & agri.”

Ellen Tacoma
Co-founder at Women on Wings