Eco Tasar

Eco Tasar

Business partner of Women on Wings since March 2013

Eco Tasars’ mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle that strikes a balance with environment and creates opportunities for poor communities engaged in the production chain to derive a Fair share of the value generated through the business. Eco Tasar is synonym to social accountability, love for nature and respect for human traditions. That is why it is sensitively and actively involved in a constant search for new opportunities that may further underline its mission.

“Tasar” is a natural silk and its silkworms are reared on trees. It is a forest based activity and its exposure to nature results in it’s truly multi tonal look which can never be duplicated by manmade fabric .These all natural wild silk items are made by a collaborative venture of tribal silkworm rearer, rural women yarn makers and handloom weavers. Each item’s creation is a source of livelihood and hope for a better future for thousands of women. The yarn made by the women is used to weave exquisite stoles and scarves, throws, sarees and fabric.

The principles of Fairtrade are adhered to in the manufacturing process. Utmost care is taken to make a green product. Natural vegetable dyes and/or Azo-free dyes are used in the manufacture of these silks which are then being sold worldwide through both regular and Fair trade channels.

“The sales strategy workshop with the Women on Wings team has really helped us bring together our sales team. We feel that this intervention was very timely and the facilitation was very well done. We would like to express our thanks to the Women on Wings team for their inputs.”

Rashmi Bharti
Co-founder at Avani Earthcraft