Business partner since June 2020

AgroTIE’s aim is to make farming a respectable and profitable business by reaching out and connecting farmers and forming cooperatives. It contributes to skill development in the field of horticulture and empowers rural youth and women. This in turn will reduce urban migration and unemployment.

AgroTIE’s mission is to provide easy accessibility to healthy, fresh and clean produce. It conducts awareness programs to its consumers to encourage them to consume fresh, healthy and nutritious food. Thus, AgroTIE connects local farmers to local communities.

The name AgroTIE stands for Teach, Inspire and Enhance in the field of horticulture. Even the logo of AgroTIE is designed keeping its vision in mind. AgroTIE’s young and enthusiastic team is led by a group of highly skilled women who are committed to excel in the field of horticulture, and work with a common vision of empowering women and enhancing entrepreneurship.

Women on Wings and AgroTIE are collaborating to realize their joint goal of increasing the number of jobs and co-create livelihood opportunities for women in rural India. AgroTIE runs its business from Bengaluru, Karnataka. AgroTIE is the first partnership that comes from the collaboration with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts.

“Women on Wings is a success with a tremendous ambition for the future. We may think it might be tough, but the team will make it!”

Wout Dekker
Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Rabobank Nederland