Business Partners

Women on Wings partners with social enterprises in women centric sectors like Food & Agri, Textiles & Handicrafts and Forestry. Click on the buttons to find out who our business partners are in these sectors.


We do an extensive assessment of potential business partners or state government institutions which includes discussions with the person in charge and the management based on mission and vision, ownership, entrepreneurship, growth ambition, track record, management in place and defined questions based on strengthening the supply chain. We focus on women centric sectors such as textiles & handicrafts, food & agri and non-timber forest produce.

We use the following assessment steps in selecting new business partners:
– We begin with a detailed discussion with new leads to understand their business and explain our value proposition and criteria. There has to be a match between what they need and what we can offer. Qualified leads are then requested to fill in our assessment sheet.
– First stage: intensive assessment via a call by our senior business consultants of facts, figures and other data received from the lead.
– Second stage: assessment of the profile of the entrepreneur at helm and the organogram. Specific questionnaire for rigorous assessment has been developed. This second stage normally includes a field assessment to meet the entrepreneur and her/his team and to physically verify all data received, visit the production site, and meet the women beneficiaries.

We DO NOT focus on training programs for women.

Interested in partnering with us?
– Are you a social enterprise that creates employment opportunities for women in rural India?
– Do you want to develop your business but you don’t know exactly where to start?
If you can answer both questions with ‘yes’ then take the quick scan here to see if and where we could support you.

Or send us email with your contact details and we shall be happy to learn more about your organization.

“Women on Wings starts where others normally stop; sharing knowledge and skills is just as important as micro-finance.”

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands