Women on Wings: 395,831 jobs co-created for women living in rural India

Women on Wings is proud to announce that in FY 2023-2024 it generated 62,431 jobs for rural Indian women together with its social enterprise and state government institution partners. This brings the total number of jobs Women on Wings has c0-created to 395,831. 

The importance of this milestone stands out during a time when the workforce in lower income economies, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2024 report on the Global Gender Gap, still includes a disproportionate underrepresentation of women.  

“There is a gender inequality and income level gap between men and women. Because of that women are denied opportunities. Job creation for women is especially needed. We are proud to be at almost forty percent of our goal to co-create one million jobs for women living in rural India,” says Women on Wings co-founder and joint managing director Ellen Tacoma.

Social entrepreneurship is needed to create new jobs and close the gender inequality gap. In FY 2023-2024 the Women on Wings team and sixty-three experienced business experts provided 573,750 euros worth of pro bono consulting to social enterprises and state government institutions so they could scale and employ more women.

Meaningful work brings sustainability

Women on Wings exists because meaningful work brings confidence, the opportunity to support oneself and one’s family as well as a better and more sustainable future. 

Suneeta, who is employed by a Women on Wings social enterprise partner in textile manufacturing in Uttar Pradesh says, “With my job I now can give myself and my daughters the opportunity to follow our dreams. I made sure she is properly educated. While I only went to school up to the fifth grade, I made sure she finished the 12th grade. This will enable her to make her dream come true in Delhi: go to university to study social science and become a teacher.”

Partnership to accelerate job growth for women

Women on Wings’ FY 2023-2034 Annual Report and Accounts sets out key milestones, achievements and new business, government and funding partnerships.

In this fiscal year, Women on Wings started a new collaboration with a state government institution in Uttarakhand in addition to those in the states of Jharkhand and Maharashtra. It collaborated with existing partners and eight new social enterprises, one of which is in waste management/ upcycling, a new focus sector. New funding partnerships have been forged with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the L’Oréal Fund for Women and VP Capital.

Media contact in India
Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint managing director +91 98 1129 9067

Media contact in the Netherlands
Martha van Dijk, manager funding and impact +31 6 17284385