Girish Ramachandran appointed to Women on Wings Supervisory Board

We are pleased to announce that Girish Ramachandran was appointed to the Supervisory Board of Stichting Women on Wings on 10 June, 2024. Girish brings his extensive knowledge and leadership expertise as President of Tata Consultancy Services, Growth Markets. A long-time ardent supporter of various community causes, Girish has shown unwavering belief in and enthusiasm for Women on Wings since its inception.

Bringing a wealth of leadership expertise

Girish is passionate about community work and believes in connecting with local communities for positive impact as he regularly lends his time and expertise to different business and industry bodies. He was appointed on the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore (Ranked #15 in World University Rankings in 2025) Board of Trustees by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in 2023.

Girish is a member of Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) International Council, chairing its National Committee on ASEAN and Oceania. He also chairs the CII-India Business Forum (CII-IBF), Singapore chapter.  Additionally, he is a Business Champion for India-Australia relations appointed by the Australian Government and was recognized with the “Leading CEO” award by the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) in 2018.

Further underscoring his commitment to driving impactful change, he has previous experience on the supervisory board of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the pioneer in sustainability reporting standards, where he chaired its Audit, Risk and Compensation committee for six years.

About Women on Wings

Women on Wings provides tailor-made business consultancy and mentoring to social enterprises and state government institutions with the ambition to grow. Through targeted, on-the-ground and pro bono advice delivered by a professional network of Dutch and Indian experts in fields such as strategy, finance, logistics and marketing. So that these organizations become more stable, achieve real growth, and create more work for women. We have been doing this for many years now. To date, we have created 395,831 jobs for women in rural India. Our goal is to transform the lives of countless more women. So that we unleash the full potential of women in rural India.

Learn about Women on Wings’ governance here.