Catalyzing change: VP Capital partners with Women on Wings to drive job growth for women in rural India

Catalyzing change: VP Capital partners with Women on Wings to drive job growth for women in rural India

Women on Wings and VP Capital are delighted to announce they have entered a one-year partnership to spur income, autonomy and more choices for rural Indian women.

VP Capital’s commitment to tackling societal challenges aligns with Women on Wings’ mission to take families in rural India out of poverty through economic development. Thanks to VP Capital’s funding, Women on Wings’ ambitious aim to co-create one million jobs for rural Indian women by 2030 is several steps closer to becoming a reality.

About VP Capital
The owners of investment company VP Capital, the Van Puijenbroek family, started a workwear company over 150 years ago. Today, VP Capital commits its assets and network to sustainable progress for future generations. VP Capital contributes to solutions needed at both the planetary as well as the social/community level. The company manages a diversified portfolio of investments in sectors such as agrifood, real estate, media, textiles, smart industry, energy transition, water, and health. Almost half of the managed assets are invested in impact. It is one of the first European family offices to achieve the B Corp Certification, which recognizes the company’s ambitious standards in social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability.

Support for sustainable progress
VP Capital’s team met with Women on Wings’ joint managing director Ronald van het Hof during a trip to India to learn about investment opportunities. They discovered synergies around social sustainability and Women on Wings’ entrepreneurial method to moving families out of poverty. Consequently, they invited Women on Wings to make a proposal.

Guus van Puijenbroek, VP Capital’s director Strategic & Family Matters, said, “We commit our capital and network towards sustainable progress. We appreciate Women on Wings’ unique approach to improving societal challenges through economic development. VP Capital is excited to support Women on Wings’ efforts to boost livelihoods so that rural Indian women can thrive, and families have better opportunities.”

Changing the game for rural Indian families
This investment supports Women on Wings’ pro bono consulting and mentoring activities to the social enterprises and government institutions it works with across India so they may scale and develop jobs for women in rural India.

VP Capital’s funding not only facilitates the creation of jobs and income for women, but it also changes the game for her family’s future and promotes gender equality. A mother’s additional income increases her household decision-making agency and affords a quality education for her children. An extra year of primary school creates a significant impact, specifically on a girl. According to UN Women every additional year of primary school increases girls’ eventual wages by 10-20 percent. It also encourages them to marry later and have fewer children, and leaves them less vulnerable to violence.

One step closer to one million jobs
“We are honored to be funded by VP Capital. It’s heartening to partner with an investment company so focused on sustainability. This partnership will bolster Women on Wings’ efforts to generate jobs in India and bring us closer to our goal of co-creating one million jobs for women in rural India,” says Women on Wings’ joint managing director Ronald van het Hof.

“Through this partnership with Women on Wings, we want to enable more women to earn their own income that will give them greater financial means to improve their livelihoods. Economic independence for women means more children can go to school, more meals per day for their families and communities, and an overall better standard of living for them and future generations”

Ilan Vuddumalay
C&A Foundation