Vacancy: volunteer business expert

Do you know all about your field of expertise? Do you think it is fun? And would you like to share your knowledge with social entrepreneurs in India to create impact and livelihoods in rural India? Then this vacancy might be for you!

As volunteer expert you contribute to the growth of social enterprises – our business partners – and state government institutions that generate jobs for women in rural India. By scaling their business and women entrepreneurship programs, we co-create extra jobs for rural women.

Your knowledge can make a difference. Every plan or action is co-created by you, the business partner and its team. At the end of the day, the business partner has final responsibility for any plan or action co-created.

Women on Wings works with various partners to reach its goal of co-creating one million jobs for women in rural India. Together with social entrepreneurs and state government institutions in India and volunteer experts in the Netherlands, we co-create sustainable strategies and plans for business-related activities. We do this to scale businesses and generate more jobs for rural women.

The impact of Women on Wings’ work is reciprocal.
According to one of our experts: “Working as a volunteer expert at Women on Wings, is MBA for life!”

The outcome of independent research by Prastut Consulting from India says that the entrepreneurs and volunteer business experts learn from and inspire each other which clearly adds value in India and the Netherlands. The detailed Impact Assessment Report by Prastut Consulting, can be found here.

If you have 15+ years of experience in your field of expertise (sales, visual design, HR & org structure, supply chain, sustainability, business strategy, finance, marketing, branding) or e-commerce please reach out to us.