New partner B&B Organics aims for health, economic and environmental impact

B&B Organics, a social enterprise from Trichy, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is working hard on creating triple value. The primary goal of B&B Organics is to offer the finest and most genuine organic food to its customers to encourage good health. In addition, they aim to support farmers economically and inspire them to farm in an environmentally friendly way. Women on Wings and B&B Organics collaborate on their joint goal to increase the number of jobs and create livelihood opportunities for women in rural India.

Going back to organic and traditional products
The company was founded Dr. Balathandayuthabani (PhD – Sweden), and S. Balaji (B.Tech – TN Agricultural University Horticulture) after identifying the lack of authentic organic traditional food products in the Indian market. B&B Organics strives to provide the best and most genuine organic food to its customers. The company not only focuses on organic food but also on bringing back extinct and rare traditional products As a result its product portfolio has the highest number of traditional food products in India. Among the 200 items that they sell today, at least 100 are what may be called ‘vanished’ foods.

Encourage healthy lifestyle
B&B Organics is also on a mission to inform people on the benefits of organic food habits and traditional products. Traditional foods are packed with nutrients and have a rich history of promoting good health and well-being. The pandemic has made people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, there has been an increased demand for organic food products in the Indian market. However, there is still a gap in the market in terms of an authentic organic traditional food products brand. B&B Organics aims to fill this gap with top-notch organic offerings and best-in-industry services at affordable prices. They want to utilize food to protect and heal lifestyle illnesses in society. Each food item is accompanied by an explainer on its health benefits.

Uplift farmers
Since the inception B&B Organics have endeavored to help their farmers, to uplift them and give them a stable and secure income. B&B Organics aims to share a percentage of the profit with the farmers. They primarily purchase from certified farmers and FPOs; nearly 80% of the farmers are tiny and excluded, and 45% are female farmers. The control is carried out through Madurai-based women’s Self Help Group’s. B&B Organics is apt to offer a sustainable income for these groups of people.