Learning from partners and preparing for future

Next to the ongoing ‘1-on-1’ workshops with its business partners, Women on Wings organized an online Summit for the CEOs of its partners on Friday July 2. The Chief People Officer for Randstad India shared her valuable insights for HR to improve organizational productivity and growth. Also, recommendations from Women on Wings’ partners and experts, who participated in a third-party impact assessment, were discussed.

Making work meaningful
Anjali Raghuvanshi, CPO Randstad India, shared best practices and insights of how companies can build great workplaces. Today, with many of us working online, and post COVID-19, when many shall resume working from offices again. The importance of making work meaningful and how, got the full attention of the 40 participants in the CEO Summit. Making employees understand how their work contributes to organizational goals and priorities will help in creating loyalty and commitment. Giving employees valuable feedback, ongoing coaching, and targeted development will also contribute to build great workplaces. CEOs joined in the conversation about this interesting topic, they raised questions and shared their experiences.

Recommendations from social entrepreneurs
Another important topic were the recommendations of Women on Wings’ partners and experts who participated in a third-party impact assessment, performed by Prastut Consulting from Gurgaon in last quarter of 2020. The impact study was performed to assess Women on Wings’ indirect impact on the social entrepreneurs and the volunteer experts it partners with, both on a professional and a personal level. One of the recommendations was to bring in more of the Indian context. That is why Women on Wings had invited Randstad India to this CEO Summit. And to a previous Summit, March 2021, Women on Wings had invited Accenture India to share its views on the changes in behavior of a growing group of consumers during COVID-19 which was of immense benefit to the social enterprises that collaborate with Women on Wings.

Networking is key
Following another recommendation to facilitate more networking among the business partners, Women on Wings shall organize monthly networking sessions, starting end of July 2021. All recommendations, from both the social entrepreneurs and the experts, will be considered. Women on Wings will aim to further improve its work in order to service its partners better. All with the ultimate aim to further accelerate the growth of social enterprises, resulting in generating more jobs for women in rural India.