Meira Foods continues mango processing to secure income for farmers

The COVID-19 pandemic is peaking in its second wave in India. Also in the state of Manipur, in India’s northeast. But also, it is mango peak season. Women on Wings’ partner Meira Foods decided to continue to procure mangos from the farmers so they could generate income to meet their basic needs. Women who do their best to stay safe and healthy, process the mangos into chutneys and jams. Ensuring an income which is now, more than ever, very important for rural families.

True social entrepreneurship
India is tremendously hit by the corona virus and is now in its second wave, which is peaking like in no other country in the world. It impacts Women on Wings’ partners more than during the first wave, because this time the virus is reaching almost every doorstep. Also in rural India. Some of Women on Wings’ partners voluntary closed their businesses temporarily, simply to make sure that their artisans stay home safe. Others do their utmost to continue their businesses, the best way possible. Meira Foods decided to procure enough mango for a whole year processing. The social enterprise makes sure that the women who work in its processing unit are following all COVID-19 rules to stay safe and healthy while earning an income for their families.

Organic by default
Meira Foods provides women of Manipur the opportunity to manufacture the best homemade food from local fruits and vegetables. Manipur’s overwhelming nature, rich of fruits and vegetables, is the source for Meira Foods’ healthy and tasty products which include jams, chutneys, candies and dried fruits. Most of Manipur’s fruits and vegetables are grown organically by default. Farmers grow their crops without using chemical pesticides. Instead they use traditional natural fertilizers. Women on Wings and Meira Foods started collaborating in 2019 on their joint mission to create more job opportunities for women in rural India.