New partner turns chicken feathers into yarn

Mudita & Radhesh Pvt Ltd is an innovative social enterprise with a unique concept of turning chicken butchery waste into yarn. This not only creates employment for tribal women, but also prevents thousands of tons of chicken garbage being dumped into water bodies. Women on Wings and Mudita & Radhesh Pvt Ltd have started collaborating on their joint mission of transforming lives of tribal women and taking families in rural India out of poverty India through sustainable development.

Mudita & Radhesh Pvt Ltd (M & R) has developed a new natural woolen fiber by up-cycling feathers of chicken butchery waste. These feathers are spun into yarn which is ten times warmer, softer, and durable than any other existing natural and manmade fiber. Through this innovation, the social enterprise contributes not only to the creation of employment for tribal women, it also solves social, environmental (river water and land pollution), health hazards, food waste and carbon footprint problems. It prevents thousands of tons of chicken garbage being dumped into water bodies by converting the chicken garbage into ‘wool’ yarn which is ultimately being turned into home furnishing, clothes and accessories. All this resulted in M & R’s nickname of ‘golden feathers’. Its sanitization and making feather ‘wool’ process is patented.

Ambitious goal
The two founders of M & R, established in Jaipur in 2017, have ambitious goals for the future. They aim to setup multiple tribal handloom villages in various regions of India. These villages will be fully equipped as chicken butchery waste processing and handling units which will include handloom training centers, workshops, primary education schools, basic health clinic, women counselling, research & development center and also handicraft tourism village homes. A first village of this kind is setup in the India state of Rajasthan and a second is planned for Madhya Pradesh state. These two villages alone would employ 2,000+ tribal women, creating livelihoods for over 2,000 families. Women on Wings will support M & R in realizing its ambitious goals.